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10 Hot Weather Tips For
Summer Weddings

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_June 4

Summer is one of the most popular times for couples to plan their wedding days. It is easy to see why with bright, sunny weather and warmer days.

Here are our top tips to help you and your guests stay cool and comfortable when celebrating your special day.

1. Choose an early afternoon ceremony

The first thing we would suggest is to consider the time you choose for your ceremony. Opting for a later ceremony means avoiding the hottest part of the day; especially if you plan to have your reception drinks outside after your ceremony.

We’d recommend a ceremony time between 2 – 2.30 pm. This means you won’t rush around in the morning while you’re getting ready and can avoid getting too warm before your wedding day begins.

2. Consider an outdoor ceremony

Consider having your ceremony outside if the weather allows and it isn’t too hot. Outdoor ceremonies offer plenty of fresh air and give you and your guests time to enjoy the open surroundings and have a laid-back, memorable experience.

At Huntsmill Farm, we have an outdoor ceremony structure which we call The Shed. It has a stunning backdrop of the Buckinghamshire countryside which you and your guests can look out to. It’s also a fantastic place for your photographer to set up and capture idyllic photos.

The Shed gives you an alternative option instead of having your ceremony inside our 18th-century stone barn.

Outdoor ceremony in the countryside

Photo thanks to Two D Photography.

Outdoor ceremony in the countryside
Outdoor ceremony in the countryside

Photo thanks to Two D Photography.

3. Dress in light and breathable clothing

When choosing your dress or suit for a summer wedding remember that you could experience hot temperatures; particularly if you’re getting married in July.

Lightweight and breathable fabrics for your wedding attire will help to keep you cool. You might opt for airy, flowy dresses and linen suits. Wrap, slip-on, and midi dresses are a popular choice for guests when trying to stay cool. If you’re wearing a suit, an open dress shirt collar will feel more comfortable.

The last thing you want during a warm summer’s day is to be wearing clothing with lots of heavy layers!

Group of people stood outside socialising in the sun

Photo thanks to Samantha Alice.

4. Hydration stations

During hot days you want to do your best to keep yourself and your guests hydrated.

A good hot-weather wedding tip is strategically placing various hydration stations throughout the venue that offer water, chilled beverages, and refreshing cocktails to beat the heat and keep spirits high. Our drinks packages have many different options for chilled drinks on a hot summer’s wedding day.

Two woman holding drinks outside

Photo thanks to Damien Vickers.

5. Create shaded areas

Having shaded areas around the venue for your wedding helps to offer a cooler environment compared to being under direct sunlight.

Marquees, outdoor tents, or teepees, provide natural relief from the sun; helping your guests to feel more comfortable during the summer heat. They also give you a designated space away from the sun if your guests ask before or during your wedding day.

At Huntsmill Farm,  we allow guests to bring and set up shaded areas that suit what they’re looking for.

Outdoor teepee in the countryside

Photo thanks to Laura Debourde Photography.

6. Don’t forget your fans and umbrellas

A supply of handheld fans or umbrellas can be a hit for your guests who want to stay out of the sun. They are a great way of providing sun protection and having them around the venue will allow your guests to keep cool when needed.

Woman holding umbrella outdoors in the sunshine
Man holding umbrella for woman outdoors in the sunshine

Photo thanks to Marcus Charter Photography.

7. Include chilled refreshments

Another way to manage the hot weather is to serve chilled refreshments during your reception drinks. At Huntsmill Farm, we’ve often seen ice cream vans instead of traditional canapes; they provide a sweet escape from the heat! We have a range of suppliers who can help you choose delicious refreshments for your guests.

Bride and groom holding ice cream outside

Photo thanks to Cat Lane.

8. Hair and Makeup

As well as carefully considering what you will wear on the day of your summer wedding, you should also think about your hair and make-up. For hotter months, having long hair up can help to keep you cool. It’s also worth speaking to your makeup artist to see how they can prolong your make-up on warmer days.

Hair stylist with bride

Photo thanks to Jane Morgan.

9. Remember your SPF

No one wants to get sunburnt, especially not on your wedding day!

Catching the sun, without any SPF, can leave your skin red and irritated which won’t be a good look for your wedding photos.

Make sure to apply your sun cream regularly throughout the day. How about giving one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen the task of reminding you to keep it topped up?

10. Be prepared for summer showers!

While summer is typically a dry season, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case of unexpected rain. It is British summertime, after all!

Woman and man outside holding umbrella next to a rainbow

Photo thanks to Cat Lane Weddings.

Are you planning a summer wedding?

If you’d like to hear more information about summer weddings at Huntsmill Farm, you can book a viewing, or please get in touch if you have any questions.