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_March 19

We're excited to introduce to our newest feature at Huntsmill Farm, The Shed.

You can read more about our new outdoor ceremony space below.

I am so hugely excited to reveal our big secret…The Shed at Huntsmill Farm. This beauty is our brand new outdoor wedding structure! We’ve been wanting to hold licensed weddings outside for such a long time so we’re super happy we can now offer this second space as an alternative option for your wedding day. The licence application is with the Buckinghamshire Registrars and we’re expecting the approval any day now. Its location is perfect for warm spring and summer weddings and it has incredible picturesque views of the Buckinghamshire countryside.

We wanted it to fit into the surroundings around Huntsmill Farm and not look out of place on the farm so we opted for a rustic style. We used reclaimed roof timbers from one of our old barns along with corrugated tin for the roof.

We’re in the process of adding a PA system with speakers and a microphone to make sure all of your guests can hear the ceremony. This will also allow you to play music as you walk down the aisle. Your guests will be sat on sturdy wooden benches, which we have angled, so everyone fits in nicely.

The Shed was built over the winter so there’s little in the way of crops behind it in these images but in a few short months the view will look very different!

In The Beginning

This is how we started. Getting the perfect angle was actually quite tricky and there were a fair few debates between ourselves and our amazing builders on what we should do.

We got there in the end though and it wasn’t long before the basic structure, which the builders built in our old stables barn, was in place.

The Roof

Next up the roof was carefully added through some of the coldest winter days we had. By this stage it really started to take shape and you could begin to imagine what the finished structure was going to be like.

Barnaby especially enjoyed the process and having the builders around and tried to be in every photo I took of the shed!

The Floor

Then came the snow and ice and things got a bit more tricky! Our heroic builders pushed on to start the floor and another debate ensued as to how high the floor should be. Not too high so guests can’t see properly and not too low so there’s still a sense of occasion. Willow also decided she’d like to join in the game of getting in all the photos!

Once the floor was finished the sides went up and the snow melted. The different textures look really fab together and there’s lots of places you can add decorations for your ceremony.

The Shed is Finished!

We hope you love it as much as we do. It makes me smile when we walk past it, it’s like it has always been there. Not to be left out, Hazel got involved in the photobombing too!

Huge thanks to our builders Tom, Lewis and Ian for bringing our vision to life! If you’re interested in seeing The Shed as an idea for your wedding day, get in touch to arrange a viewing.

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