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Love & Loved Bridal Boutique

_June 17

Vicky, owner of Love & Loved Boutique, is one of our fabulous wedding dress suppliers. Her passion for matching the perfect dress for every bride is unparalleled.

Find out what makes Vicky's boutique unique and how she can help you find your dream wedding dress.

Tell us about yourself

I’m Vicky and I launched Love & Loved in 2022 with a passion to bring independent, sustainable, and unique bridal designers to rural Buckinghamshire. I intended to create a destination boutique; a place that people would travel from all over to visit. It’s now two years in and it has been a joy to welcome brides from across the UK and beyond.

Away from the boutique I’m wife and mum of two lovely boys, Max & Jesse. I’m what some might describe as a runner’s widow, as weekends are often spent cheering my husband on in a marathon, triathlon, or an Ironman. When we’re not dressed in our green curly wigs cheering him on you’ll find me on a bike ride with the kids, in a cozy corner of a coffee shop, or brunching with friends and family.

Having commuted into London for over a decade as a Homewares Buyer for a national retailer, it’s a joy to swap the trains for a short drive through the countryside to reach our off-the-beaten-track boutique. Set in rural Buckinghamshire, it’s a hidden gem.

We’re within easy reach of all major towns and cities, both local and further afield with great transport links but the best bit is when you arrive at our barn you leave the hustle and bustle behind you. You will enjoy a tranquil, relaxed vibes only experience.

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Why did you decide to set up Love & Loved? How did you get started?

I started Love & Loved at a time when everything aligned to make the changes I’d become restless to make. I wanted the independence to be mum and professional, to be free of corporate constraints and I wanted the challenge.

I’d always romanticised the idea of owning a bridal boutique and in 2022 my circumstances meant I could turn that into reality.

This was when I started to build the foundations of my business and set the direction that it would follow. I wanted to create something with purpose, a space that felt safe and welcoming, one that avoided the mainstream, eased the overwhelmed, and embraced authenticity.

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Do you have a specific style of dress that you provide?

The style of my dresses is eclectic and unique. I have personally curated each designer collection, hand-picking every dress, skirt, and top.

I put purpose at the heart of everything I do. Supporting British labels and female-led brands with sustainable and ethical practices is so important to me.

The styles lean towards a bohemian, romantic, and whimsical aesthetic with a great mix of dresses and separates. Simplicity and understated elegance also have a place within the collection with some beautiful British-made pieces.

The overall mantra when it comes to my collection is each dress has to have style and substance. By that, I mean well made, luxurious but also comfortable and easy to wear. I want you to eat the food and dance all night.

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What do you love most about your job & why?

I love meeting different women from various backgrounds. Conducting a bridal fitting can be a pretty intimate, and for some, vulnerable experience.

To make your experience smoother I will help you into and out of the dresses; styling you to ensure you can see the beauty in each dress you try on.

This means trusting me in your personal space but often leads to us sharing stories, confiding in each other, and just general chit-chat.

I learn so much from each of my brides and working with women every day has truly inspired me, it’s contributed to my personal growth and nurtured my self-confidence. I like to think my brides have a shared experience, from their first consultation to their final fitting.

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What is one piece of advice you would give a bride when choosing their dream dress?

I always remind brides to be open-minded and trust the process. When you visit any boutique they won’t have every sample in your size, and let’s face it, size is just a label and the dresses fit all of our bodies so differently.

And so, when a bride falls in love with a dress that doesn’t fit properly, and perhaps they want to do a few little design tweaks, then I tell the bride to trust that they will love it even more when it’s tailored to fit their body with all the finishing details in place. I also strongly encourage brides to do their research.

Find a boutique that fits your vibe, and resist the urge to visit multiple shops just for the experience, it can soon grow tiresome and overwhelming. If you choose the right boutique(s) that feel like you then you will have the most incredible experience and you can immerse yourself in dresses that are a reflection of your style.

Do you have a go-to song that gets you dancing at a wedding?

It’s a more modern choice but for me, you can’t beat Love on Top by Beyonce; the queen needs to feature somewhere on your wedding playlist. I love a wedding that has a great mix of music transcending eras so there is something for everything. Motown and classics from the 60’s and 70’s with some throwback tracks from the 90’s make for a great party.

Woman smiling holding wedding dress

Who would be your dream celebrity bride to purchase one of your dresses?

Every bride who purchases a dress is a dream client of mine. Supporting my business and falling in love with a gown that I love and have hand-picked means the world. However, I’m happy to play along so let’s go for it.

It’s hard to choose but Miley Cyrus or Olivia Rodrigo would be my ideal client. Both are so badass. My impression of Miley is that she has grown with age and experience and she knows who she is. She’s outspoken and not afraid to be controversial. She embodies girl power, which for a girl who grew up in the 90’s, I’m here for it! I would embrace Miley’s free spirit and dress her in bohemian separates with whimsy sleeves.

I love Olivia for how edgy she is. Her music is bold and unapologetic but also expresses such raw feelings. For Olivia I’d dress her in the Bureiku gown by Rolling in Roses, it’s elegant and understated but it has a strong and structural silhouette, the dress is timeless but with a modern twist.

Why should our couples choose you?

My values align with those of Huntsmill Farm. We both want the best for our couples and want to create an unforgettable experience. The venue is versatile and lends itself to the style of my dresses. While your venue shouldn’t dictate the style of your dress, aesthetically, we are a match made in heaven. I love to see the venue dressed with Boheme-inspired decor, whimsey florals, and a laid-back vibe, this embodies so many of the pieces within my collection. The venue also lends itself to a more formal, black tie event for which our stunning, ethically made collection of elegant dresses are the perfect fit.

You can find out more about Love & Loved Bridal Boutique using the links below:
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We love having Vicky as one of our recommended wedding suppliers here at Huntsmill Farm. If you haven’t checked out our suppliers yet, we highly recommend that you do so, they are a fantastic bunch!